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Training Camp (Nord Østerdalen) 20.08.2020

Training Camp (Nord Østerdalen) | 20th-27th August 2020

Due to the new travel restrictions to Czech Republic, which became a "red" country some days ago, we have been forced to cancel the senior WOC training camp planned for the end of this month.

Instead, we're planning now a new training camp at Nord Østerdalen for the same dates, and opening a short period for registration. If you want to join, we kindly ask you to register yourself as soon as possible.

The travel (around 6 hours driving) will be by own cars. All the expenses except food: travel, accommodation and maps will be covered by the club.

The main camp is from 20th to 27th, but we're also offering a short option or "weekend option" from 21st-23rd. If you have other plans, please mark "other" and comment.

Påmeldingsfristen er ute!

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Nr Navn Klasse Merknad Påmeldt
1Raúl FerraLong camp (20th-27th)10.08.2020 kl. 18:26
2Magne DæhliLong camp (20th-27th)10.08.2020 kl. 18:38
3Olav LundanesLong camp (20th-27th)10.08.2020 kl. 21:00
4Riccardo ScalettassiLong camp (20th-27th)Arriving in Oslo 19/08 - 16:20 PM, Leaving from Oslo 28/08 - 06:30 AM12.08.2020 kl. 20:02
5Svetlana MironovaShort camp (21st-23rd)But long option is also possible11.08.2020 kl. 17:46
6Marius BjuganShort camp (21st-23rd)20. - kl. 12:34
7Mathias BjuganShort camp (21st-23rd)20. - kl. 12:34
8Fredrik EliassonOther (comment)Probably 20th-24th. Not 100% sure about how long to stay. Will not drive straight back to Halden afterwards.12.08.2020 kl. 21:02
9Jo ShepherdOther (comment)At least 20th-24th, maybe staying longer or going to mountains with Fredrik12.08.2020 kl. 21:02